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Ladies Majlis Abu Dhabi

Experience Women's Empowerment in Abu Dhabi

Discover the beautiful and empowering world of Ladies Majlis Abu Dhabi, where women can come together in a safe and supportive space to share their experiences, stories, and ideas.

Feature section:

Connect with like-minded women

The Ladies Majlis Abu Dhabi is a community of inspiring and ambitious women from all walks of life who come together for the purpose of inspiring, encouraging, and connecting with one another.

Ladies Majlis Abu Dhabi

Build your self-confidence and relationships

The Majlis provides a secure and supportive environment for women to share stories, ask questions, and access information and resources to help them become empowered and build their self-confidence.

Open up opportunities for growth and development

In addition to the supportive community, the Majlis provides professional opportunities for women to network, exchange ideas, and learn from others. Whether you're looking for advice on starting a business, finding a job, or developing your personal growth, the Majlis has something to offer for everyone.

Ladies Majlis Abu Dhabi – Find Connections and Empowerment

We are an all-female social platform providing a safe and comfortable space in Abu Dhabi for women to reach out and connect with like-minded individuals, find support, and engage in meaningful discourse.

Feature section:

Engage in meaningful conversations

We provide a platform where women across Abu Dhabi can connect, share stories, and engage in meaningful conversations around topics like careers, relationships, parenting, and more. Our goal is to create a supportive and empowering community for all women.

Meet new people and make friends

Our community is a great place for women to meet new people, and make friends with those who have similar interests and backgrounds. We organize meetups and events, offering an opportunity to network with other women.

Find support and guidance

From career advice to mental health support, our community provides a warm and encouraging environment for everyone. We provide resources and guidance to help women make the most of their lives in Abu Dhabi.

Connect |Inspire | Succeed

ladies majlis abu dhabi is a forum dedicated to inspiring and connecting women from diverse backgrounds and professions to empower, motivate and celebrate success.

Feature section


Ladies Majlis abu dhabi is a platform to connect and share experiences with fellow passionate women looking to expand their professional and personal networks.


We strive to provide inspiring and motivating experiences for all participants. Our events are designed to bring together like-minded women to share ideas, learnings and provide encouragement to succeed.


We create an environment for our members to achieve their individual and collective professional and personal goals. Through our events, members have the opportunity to gain valuable insights, make connections and learn from each other's success.

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